Thomas Hawson Portrait

Dr Thomas Hawson Ph.D

Working from self built studios and workshops in the rural Scottish Borders since 1997, Thomas has been developing his multidisciplinary art/making practice. The mediums Thomas most often employs include: wood, bronze casting, ceramics, drawing and film photography. Thomas has a fascination for basic technology and ways of making things from materials found directly from nature. He practices making things in these ways to a point where they feel fluid and he is the master of them, from this foundation he feels a connection to the poetry and meaning of making. To date his biggest achievement was completing his practice based PhD in 2006, for his Icelandic project, collaborating with artists and makers across the Nordic region. He has received commissions from Marchmont House, the Foreign& Commonwealth Office, the Episcopalian Cathedral Glasgow and since 2018 patronage for the ‘edge project’ an ongoing art making and curating commission, for a local estate. He has received multiple awards for art exhibited in open shows at the Royal Scottish Academy. His work has been exhibited across the Nordic region and nationally. Doctor Hawson has been a visiting lecturer at Glasgow School of Art, Brunel University and delivered a semester’s lecture series in contextual critical studies for Heriot-Watt University.